The Designer

Nisrine Ziade fell in love with fashion so she excelled in her field.

Since she was a child, Nisrine was fond of nature with its roses and their colors. When every classy / chic woman used to grab her attention and evaluate the way she looks like! Later on, she decided to become professional by studying fashion design as a reason of her talented skills to launch later through special /her own designs that reflect the woman in her eyes, where she intended to show femininity, elegance, power, attraction and presence through her designs.

Nisrine believes that every woman must to show / reflect her personality by her look by creating herself an original identity to leave a special impression wherever she is. Each lady’s look should express her own style away from imitating celebrities so she is aware of what suits her! In a try to please every single lady’s taste no matter how different her style was. She did her best to satisfy all the tastes through every collection with simplicity and luxury at the same time because each lady has a unique look of all others.

One of her strength points is her capability of creating the bold and the shy women tastes as well. It was no coincidence her relation to this world but more like a passion that grew with her since her childhood until today.

Nisrine Ziade’s name is not new in fashion world, it’s rising to become international.


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

- Nisrine Ziade -